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Scott Westerfeld is the author of adult and young adult books. This website is an introduction to his life and works. Each individual post highlights different aspects of the author and the side bar to the right provides links for further exploration.

Why is Scott Westerfeld an important YA author that every library should be aware of and should bring to the attention of teenagers?

A few years ago one of my female eighth grade students was reading a book called Uglies. The cover led me to believe that the book was a science fiction romance. Upon chatting with the student and analyzing the details of the story, I decided that this was a book worth reading and Westerfeld an author I needed to consider. Some years have passed and students here and there have been reading this series, but not until last year did I really become fully interested in Westerfeld. His Leviathan series has been one of the most checked out series for boys in my school library. The covers and artwork in this series are eye popping and beyond beautiful. 
Uglies: Shay's Story (Uglies: Graphic Novel #1)
For many reasons, Westerfeld is an author that appeals to both male and female readers. Even though he mostly writes science fiction and fantasy, at times he combines these genres with realistic and historical fiction, reaching a wider audience. A few of his books in the Uglies series have been turned into a Manga graphic novel, featuring the viewpoint of Shay and set in the world of Uglies. Some of his books have recently been offered movie deals, yet have not been developed. His storytelling reaches across a multitude of genres and mediums. 

UgliesGerman2007pbOften Westerfeld’s books deal with broad themes that reflect on and explore world issues for YA readers. Regardless of ethnicity, race, faith, religion, gender, or sexuality, his books speak to the emotional, identity seeking teenager. Whether you are passionate about vampires, a lover of alternative history, looking for adventure, or are thrilled by horror and the supernatural, this author has a little something for everyone. Westerfeld realizes that teenagers are complex individuals and are looking for smart, insightful, and deep writing and I believe that is why his books are also loved by adults. 

The main reason I think Westerfeld is important to the YA community is because of his world appeal. There is even an entire website devoted to the foreign edition covers of his books and he has over 8,000 fans on Goodreads. He confessed in video that he wants to learn every language, so that he can better communicate with everyone in the world. Overall, in order to really appreciate this author, you need to experience his writing for yourself. I hope that you enjoyed my introduction to this important YA author and are inspired to explore his work further.